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One of the largest display manufacturers in China, with 23 years of professional production experience.

Two manufacturing plants with total 121,500 square meters, 800 full-time highly-skilled professionals.

Services include: Woodwork, Metalwork, Acrylic fabrication, Painting, and Printing Design, production and installation 

services for super premium stores and brand zones.

Served 300+ domestic and worldwide brands. 

ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification and won the golden supplier approval of Alibaba.

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    Our own 8 workshops are capable to produce all types of displays



    Q: If I have only the pictures of the display stand or counter I want, can you make it for me? A: Dear sir or madam, just having images of the product, it’s difficult for us to quote exactly. If you could offer the drawings or designs with detailed dimensions, materials, finishing, we could offer the best price to you, thanks very much! Q: Do you have any certificates with the display stand? A: Yes, we do. We have certificates of the materials, electronics and quality controlling system.
    For wood we have E0, E1, E2 certificates (for European countries), and CARB certificate (for America, Canada, and Oceania)
    For Electrical appliance, we have UL,CE certificate!
    For quality controlling system, we have ISO9001:2000.
    Q: What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity) if I order your display products? A: Dear sir or madam, small order is also warmly welcomed. The quantity of 50 sets per order is acceptable! But please kindly noted that smaller the quantity, the higher the average cost of each display stand. Q: Do you charge sample cost( Acrylic sunglass holder )? A: Yes, we do. Q: What’s your payment term? A: T/T 30% before placing the order, 70% balance to be paid once getting a copy of Bill of Loading. When we receive the balance, we will send you the original official Bill of Loading.
      • Alibaba
      • ISO9001证书-英文-2019年
      • ISO14001证书-英文-2019年


      Tel:+ 86-760-2363 1800

      Fax:+ 86-760-2363 1873

      Add:No.35, Yanjiang East 3rd Road, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, 528437, China



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